DNS - Bind9/Named [Part 5]

Forwarding is also one of the very interesting capacity of bind. Imagine, we have somewhere.net hosted by primary DNS ns1 and we have a really big zone "tutorials" which is held by a secondary DNS ns2. We'd like that when we query "test.tutorials.somewhere.net" on master server (which does not have the zone hosted in his configuration files), the ns1 server will ask to ns2.somewhere.net. There, ns0 will act as a forwarder.

To do so, what we're going to do is tell the ns0 server that "tutorials" is held by ns2. So in our db.somewhere.net we have :

; db for somewhere.net
$TTL    86400
@            IN    SOA       ns1.somewhere.net. root.somewhere.net. (
                             1         ; Serial
                             604800         ; Refresh
                             86400         ; Retry
                             2419200         ; Expire
                             86400 )       ; Negative Cache TTL
; Here we define the nameservers of the domain.
@            IN    NS        ns1.somewhere.net.
@            IN    NS        ns2.somewhere.net.
;Here we set the MX records for our domain
@            IN    MX    10  smtp.somewhere.net.
; Now we set the IP of the nameservers - Use yours
ns1          IN    A
ns2          IN    A
; Now, we set some zones
www          IN    A
smtp         IN    A

Great. We also have to add this zone as a forwarded one in our named.conf.local

zone "tutorials.somewhere.net"
     type forward;
     forward only;
     forwarders {; };


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